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Based on the proven light section method, SmartRunner technology employs a laser line and a camera to precisely detect height profiles using the triangulation principle. The advantages of the light section method over typical vision sensors are especially clear in difficult ambient conditions. No external lighting is required, even with low-contrast objects such as metal on metal and single-color plastics. Even different surfaces, different colors, and extraneous light do not influence the measurement result.

SmartRunner technology offers the following innovative features

  • Unique combination of height profile and 2-D image output in a single sensor
  • Easy interpretation of line data due to output of 2-D images
  • Simple diagnosis by analyzing error images
  • Sensors optimized for specific applications for easy integration or raw data devices for maximum flexibility
  • Reliable, precise detection via laser light sectioning method—independent of surface condition and color


  • Presence check of small parts, e.g. rivets, screws and clamps
  • Completeness check, e.g. of pens, tablets, etc
  • Position check and output, e.g. of boxes, pallets and objects of any kind


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