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The actuator-sensor interface (AS-Interface) replaces conventional wiring technology on the sensor-actuator level. AS-Interface has firmly established itself as a worldwide standard for the cost-effective transfer of power and signals along a single cable. It is an open system and is compatible with all common fieldbus systems.


  • Minimized installation costs and connection via insulation piercing technology
  • Topology-free installation
  • Supply, safe and non-safe signals on one cable
  • Safety function up to PLe/SIL3
  • Extensive diagnostic function
  • Automatic addressing when a device is replaced
  • Flexible system extensions
  • Compatible with all fieldbuses and PLCs

Free Download: White Paper on TCP-Based Communication Protocols (PDF)

This free PDF white paper compares the different TCP-based communication protocols (AMQP, OPC UA, MQTT, REST API) that have found their way up and are considered the enablers of IIoT and Industry 4.0. Get your free download now!

A development community of seven companies is now working on a new generation of AS-Interface that will take performance to the next level. Learn more about the cost-effective wiring technology for sensors and actuators ...

AS-Interface Product Range

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