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Printing machinery needs to operate with precision
Printing machinery needs to operate with precision

The printing industry is affected by increasing demands on flexibility, quality, and speed. Various print jobs from small to large editions require high flexibility and fast machine changeover. At the same time quality demands are increasing.

In press and postpress processes machines need to operate precisely to minimize material waste and machine downtime:

  • Precise miniature sensors ensure the smooth operation of your printing processes
  • Ultrasonic sensors detect double sheets and splices regardless of the material or color
  • Misfed sheets in collating, folding, and binding machines are also eliminated: Special vision sensors reliably verify sheets by image comparison or code reading

We offer you the right sensor solution for your prepress, press, and postpress applications.


Paper roll detection
Paper roll detection

Applications in the paper industry range from raw material production to finishing. Our ultrasonic and photoelectric distance measurement sensors detect paper rolls, monitor web stock diameters, and ensure consistent web tension. Robust encoders and positioning systems precisely detect cylinders and rollers to control web tension and to avoid web breaks. Ultrasonic sensors reliably detect splices and thus reduce material waste.

We deliver complete individual solutions. Our experts help you select the right sensor technology for your specific application.


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